About us

MainHeim e.V. LogoMainHeim in numbers:
ca. 35 youths, 12-19 years old
3 youth leaders (2 female, 1 male, voluntary)
Birtday: 22.11.2013


We are a nonprofit organization of young people whose goal is to young people and adolescents in Europe to bring together, to get to know each other better. We participate in youth exchanges, seminars and conferences that take place Erasmusplus under the European Commission program.
We cooperate with local schools, by telling students about the possibilities of the European Volunteer Service. On the other hand, we are constantly on the lookout for any facilities that may need volunteer help of young people: Nursing Homes, integrative kindergartens or voluntary organizations.
We meet mostly on weekends or during the holidays. Our favorite place is the Main river, at a huge playground and lawn, where you can both entertain, but also let off steam. For over two years we know each other, but just the other day, we are officially registered in the Register of Associations Hanau under the name Mainheim.
Our name Mainheim represents the friendship of two small towns that are located opposite to the Main shores. Maintal and Mühlheim are the cities. And so it came to our name.
First, our activities were limited to common cycling, canoeing, football, table tennis, in-line skating, barbecues, visiting festivals like Carnival trains or Christmas Markets. Then we organized a street party for the younger children. This has made us a lot of fun! We discovered good actors among us. So we came up with the idea of our school, family or private problems presented in role-playing games and so to arrive at the solution. It sometimes helps ;-) Now we often organize performances for our parents, neighbors and relatives.
We regularly go camping together, rules like “let the campsite as you found it or better” and “to preserve nature, is primarily not to harm her!” are particularly important to us.

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